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          In Bihar, SCERT is the apex level academic body in the State for school education and teacher education and their functions can be broadly categorized as follows:

1. Engaging in educational research / action research / curricular research and training as well as to provide policy advice to state government for improvement in learning level of students.

2. Assist Department of Education, Government of Bihar to implement its policies and major programmes in the field of pre-primary to Higher Secondary Education.

3. Develop / help TEIs to develop in-service training programs on specific themes of specialization for secondary and senior secondary teachers, administrators and teacher educators.

4. Conduct training of the newly recruited teacher educators and faculty of the TEIs etc.

5. Provide Academic support, leadership, guidance, and suggestion for the qualitative improvement at pre-school to higher Secondary education level through reorientation of education content and practice.

6. Provide leadership, academic guidance and suggestions to DIETs to achieve the goals of revamping primary and secondary education in Bihar state.

7. Provide academic support and guidance to institutions through visits of concerned officers, Teacher Educators and teachers.

8. Organize innovative programmes for the propagation and dissemination of innovative trends and approaches related to education.

9. Renewal of Curriculum / Syllabus / Textbook / Training renewal.

10. To mentor and provide guidance to CTEs, DIETs, PTECs and BIETs.

11. To train District Educational Administrative Personnel’s and Block level Educational Administrative Personnel on educational management.

12. To develop new / innovative methodologies for learning / curriculum transaction.

13. Addressing the capacity development of in-service teachers to handle complex school learning situations and reality-based difficulties in transacting           school curriculum.

14. Design and conduct survey for the educational health of State, Training and Monitoring the post training implementation and creating a loop to feed it back into future training programs.