Wed, 28 Feb 2024, 15:20 PM

Vision & Mission


Our vision is to deliver dynamic, interactive and participatory action based interventions for School Education ranging from planning, research, and goal setting to implementation and evaluation. Thus we believe in constant innovation, improvement, and change, and we also value teamwork of empowered individuals.



  • ☛ To provide advice to the state government on policies and programmes for enhancing quality standards in school
  • ☛ To undertake, aid, promote and coordinate researchers in areas related to school education.
  • ☛ To prepare and publish textbooks, supplementary educational materials, newsletters, journals and other related literature.
  • ☛ To organize pre-service and in-service training for
  • ☛ To develop and disseminate innovative educational techniques and
  • ☛ To collaborate and network with education departments of other states, universities, NGOs and other educational institutions.
  • ☛ To act as a clearinghouse for ideas and information in matters related to school education.
  • ☛ To act as a nodal agency for universalization of school education